Saturday, 23 April 2011

Summer has come early

So, it's Easter weekend but it appears the weather is a little confused and thinks it's August bank holday instead. For the past week or so the temperatures in Oxford have been well over 20 degrees. Therefore lunches on pharmacy hill outside the hosptial have become common place and summer dresses and sandals are making an appearance. (Luckily, I already had my summer wardrobe ready and waiting thanks to a recent trip to Mexico.)

Unfortunately I have to work two days of this bank holiday weekend (one down, one to go) however today I have a full day off work. One of the joys of living in Oxford is that by travelling a mile or two out of the city centre you find yourself in rolling countryside. Today I plan to find some countryside, maybe a nice country pub with a beer garden, ideally on the banks of the river. Or maybe I'll just end up sunbathing in a friend's garden with a nice bottle of cider... who knows! The best thing about British bank holiday weekends is that you're allowed (and expected) to be lazy and do whatever you want. Oh and it's also St George's Day so I'm guessing there'll be lots of drinking and celebrations wherever I go.

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